February 07, 2010

Mad Elf Ale from Troegs Craft Brewery

By Rick

Have you ever looked forward to getting together with an old friend?! (Heck yeah, haven't we all?) That's what it was like when Don asked me to post a review of Mad Elf Ale- by Troegs Craft Brewery of Harrisburg, PA.

I met my first Mad Elf Ale just over a year ago while my wife & I were dining w/ Don & his wife @ the American Ale House in the Toftrees section of State College, PA. (As you can probably guess - it's a GREAT place to eat good food AND drink good beer!) The Nittany Lions football team had won another game on the way to their 2008 Rose Bowl season so there was a legitimate reason to celebrate!

Don & I agreed to split a "board" for our appetizers- a platter of 6 small beer samples. It's a great way to sample different beers. I honestly can't remember what the other 5 beers were, but Don & I knew we found a new friend in the Mad Elf Ale!

As you can guess by its name- Mad Elf Ale is a "winter holiday beer". The funky red & green label (w/ the obligatory Santa-esque elf) boasts of being brewed with honey and cherries. I'm sure this beer could stand up to any hearty food pairing, but it tastes so darn good that I just like to sip it by itself! (And do yourself a favor- pour it out of the bottle into a nice glass; its color and head are worth admiring!)

I doubt that you would want to drink this beer after doing your summer lawnwork; it's 11% ABV sure wouldn't allow you to get much work done! But it sure did taste great after shoveling out from one of PA's biggest snow storms in recent years! Punxsutawney Phil said that we'll have 6 more weeks of winter, so you still might be able to pick up a case of this beer and enjoy its hearty taste. BTW: it's a little pricey, but I hope you agree: it sure is worth it!

After all- it would be like getting together with an old friend- and aren't they worth it?!


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