November 11, 2010

Southern Tier IPA from Southern Tier Brewing Company

By Rick

Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, NY, only has been around since 2002, but they're sure producing a nice variety of brews. I bought this IPA in a variety case at my favorite local beer distributor. He knows that I like to sample different brews and recommended I try Southern Tier.

I think IPA is the neatest beer to share with others. Its appearance, smell, taste, mouthfeel and drinkability are so unique, yet also comforting to "hopheads" like me. Tradition. The history of IPA is unique too: I love to tell the story of how additional hops were added to the British soldiers' beer that was being shipped to India to insure its freshness. History.

Southern Tier's IPA won't disappoint! It pours a nice golden brown with a thick, frothy head. That distinct hoppy aroma wafts from your glass as you raise it to your lips. That classic bitter hop taste quickly explodes in your mouth. (Bud called it "hop-a-licious"!) We agreed that this IPA can pair up with just about any food- or enjoy its great taste by itself!

Have another, but be responsible: it's 7.4% ABV. Now... would you like to hear how IPA got its name?!


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