November 11, 2010

Dream Weaver from Troegs Brewing Company

By Rick

I doubt if Troeg's Dream Weaver is named after the Gary Wright hit song from 1976. But you can play it in the background while you read this review!

Troeg's Brewing Company ( is located in Harrisburg, PA. They produce a nice variety of beers and have a nice sampler case available too. Don, Bud & I included this wheat beer (4.8% ABV) in a recent sampler and we agreed this might be a good "introductory wheat beer."

It pours that beautiful, cloudy golden color (as a wheat beer should) and foams up a frothy head as well, but that "sweet wheat aroma" isn't as prevalent as I would prefer it to be. The taste is somewhat thin as well, but there is a nice crisp finish for each mouthful.

I must admit: this isn't my favorite American wheat beer. But- as we said earlier- it might be a nice introduction to that "wonderful world of wheat" for someone else!

"Fly me away to the bright side of the moon and meet me on the other side...."


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