January 24, 2011

2X IPA from Southern Tier Brewing Company

By Rick

Hopheads- sing along with me: "Double your pleasure, double your fun, Double IPA is #1!"

Southern Tier Brewing company in Lakewood, NY makes some very good beers- and one of them is their Double IPA! Check out their cool website and learn about all of their cool brews!

This beer pours out a golden-yellow. I also admired its somewhat cloudy appearance and its frothy, lacy head. It has that classic hoppy/ citrus aroma that makes my mouth water!

But as hoppy as you would expect this Double IPA to taste, I detected a very smooth and sweet finish. (Southern Tier's website boasts "4 types of hops and 3 types of malts.") As you can imagine- this very balanced brew is a pleasure to quaff! But be responsible: its ABV is 8.2%! Don't be afraid to pair it with the boldest of foods! As we sang before: you'll double your pleasure!

Southern Tier 2X IPA: Very, very good!

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