November 08, 2010

Sweaty Betty from Boulder Beer Company

By Rick

"Does anyone want to have a Sweaty Betty?!"

Now that I have every man's attention...

Boulder Beer Company was founded in 1979 and touts itself as "Colorado's first microbrewery". They sure have come up with some catchy names for their products. Catchy artwork on the labels too. And good beer inside the bottles!

My Sweaty Betty came in a variety case with some other tasty offerings like "Hazed & Infused" and "Mojo". (Didn't I tell ya they had cool names?!) Their website lists this particular brew as a German-style hefeweizen. It pours that characteristic golden blonde color with a proper head. The citrus/ lemon aroma is quickly released. Nice...

The taste is somewhat thin, but its effervescence will tingle your mouth and entice you to continue your session! Don's buddy Bud (not quite as catchy a name as Sweaty Betty) declared that this would be a great "grass cutting beer". And at 5.9% ABV- you could work up a good sweat and put down a Sweaty Betty a few times!

Now that I have every man's attention...


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