February 05, 2010

Nugget Nectar from Troegs Craft Brewery

By Don

There's another regional brewer that we really enjoy.  Troegs Craft Brewery from Harrisburg, PA.  I was first introduced to Troegs by Rick when he and I discovered Mad Elf.  That's the name of one of their brews, not a disgruntled former employee of Santa.  But, I'll let Rick tell you about that one.

My wife, Lori, asked me to stop at the grocery store on the way home today.  Big snow storm on the way and we needed a few things (like 10 gallons of milk and 5 loaves of bread - just kidding!).  On the way out of the grocery store, I decided to stop by the beer coolers and see if there was something interesting that I wanted to have with my dinner.

There were so many selections at our Wegman's Grocery Store that it took me awhile.  I knew that I wanted something seasonal.  Winter Warmers and Winter Ales kept jumping out at me.

Then, I spotted a pint of Imperial Amber Nugget Nectar from Troegs Independent Craft Brewery.  They only brew this one January - March.  I snatched up a bottle and made my way to the check out.

As the Troegs website states, you'd better "prepare to pucker up" for this one.  Nugget Nectar is HOPPY.  I'll have to admit.  I didn't used to be a fan of beers that were "hopped up" like Pale Ales and IPAs.  They're definitely an acquired taste, but once you get hooked, you're hooked.

Nugget Nectar has a nice straw/orange color.  It's 7.5% ABV.  It's brewed with 5 different hops.  Troegs says that Blue & Cheddar Cheese along with beef and poultry are good compliments.  Another good winter brew.

So, if you're looking for a good seasonal brew and you like a lot of hops, pick up some Troegs Nugget Nectar.  It's available in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Virginia and Washington D.C.  Check their website for Distribution locations.


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