November 07, 2010

Blithering Idiot from Weyerbacher Brewing

By Rick

"Why would someone name a beer Blithering Idiot?!" asked my brother-in-law. After consuming this delicious 11.1% ABV (on an empty stomach) he soon knew the answer to his own question!

Blithering Idiot definitely is one of the BIG BEERS produced by Easton, PA's Weyerbacher Brewing Company. ( This barley wine pours a deep rich brown with a frothy white head. (Be sure to use your best glassware for this brew and admire the lacing with each sip!) That barley wine aroma probably will entice you to have yet another Blithering Idiot- just like my brother-in-law did!

Be prepared for a taste explosion in your mouth! Enjoy each mouthful! Pair this drink with the heartiest of foods- or if you're like my brother-in-law: you'll drink it by itself, because he didn't want any food "to get in the way" of this very special drink!

Blithering Idiot? Genius!


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