April 26, 2010

90 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales

By Don

Well, I have to start by saying that there's no big "story" behind this one.  Rick and I have been fans of Dogfish Head ever since a trip to Cape May, New Jersey with our families when we first discovered it.

I've tried many of the Dogfish Head varieties, but I keep coming back to my favorite ... 90 Minute IPA.

I wasn't always an IPA fan.  I think that India Pale Ales can be an "acquired taste."  If you're not used to Hops hitting your taste buds with a baseball bat, it may take a little getting used to.

I worked my way up to the 90 Minute IPA from their Shelter Pale Ale and 60 Minute IPA before discovering 90.

This was Dogfish Head's first "continually hopped" beer.  They also use their "Me So Hoppy" device (that Rick and I got to see up close and personal on our tour!) to dry-hop the beer during conditioning.  The Dogfish website explains it all.

The 90 is a great pour with a nice frothy head that sticks around for a long time.  Perfect lacing on the glass and a fruity aroma.  This one is hoppy -- 90 on the IBU scale, but it finishes well to leave you with a nice taste and mouthfeel.

The 90 is good any time of year -- winter, spring, summer or fall.  Dogfish says that good food pairings are Pork chops, beef, grilled fish, frites, focaccia, split pea soup, Stilton cheese & escargot.  But, I can drink 90 with just about anything.  They also recommend pouring your 90 into a snifter, but I always use my Dogfish pint glass.

My friends know about my affection for 90.  Rick has given me a case as a birthday gift.  And my neighbor Bud has been known to leave bottles of 90 on my front porch when he buys a 4-pack or a case for himself.

If you like IPA's, you HAVE to give Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA a try!  Try it, you'll like it!

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