March 17, 2010

Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale from Yards Brewing Company

By Don

Just when I think I've heard of all the Pennsylvania Brewers another one falls into my lap!  My neighbor "Beer Bud" stopped over and brought along a new beer that he just discovered from Yards Brewing Company -- ANOTHER PENNSYLVANIA BREWER!!!

Yards Brewing Company from Philadelphia is the creation of college friends Tom Kehoe and Jon Bovit when they started brewing their own beer to save money in 1988.

Thomas Jefferson's Tavern Ale comes from Yards' "Ales of the Revolution" collection.  I was intrigued by this new find.

It's billed as a strong, golden ale based on Thomas Jefferson's originial recipe.  Great looking Ale. Nice foamy head, too.  This one pours well.

Nice fruity aroma on this one.  As I took my first sip, my first thought was that it reminded me of something and then it hit me.  It reminded me of one of my favorite beers, "90 Minute IPA" from Dogfish Head.

I really enjoyed this one.  Good mouth feel.  It feels like it's coating the inside of your mouth.  8% ABV.

I'm interested to try the other 2 varieties of the "Ales of the Revolution" collection!  Good stuff from the brewers at Yards!


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