November 07, 2010

Double Simcoe IPA from Weyerbacher Brewing

By Rick

Some great people are recognized just by their initials. Aren't some great beers recognized by their initials? After all- Hopheads like me salivate at the thought of an IPA or an ESB. Here's a specific triple initial name to add to that list: DSI- Double Simcoe IPA.

DSI is my favorite American IPA (Dare I say "FAI"?!). Weyerbacher Brewing Company ( is located in Easton, PA. "WBC" has only been around since 1995 and is producing some very robust-tasting beers! You can even find DSI in Weyerbacher's variety case appropriately called BIG BEERS - along with 3 other great beers: Blithering Idiot, Old Heathen and Merry Monks. (Look for my review on them, but for now- back to DSI!)

Double Simcoe IPA pours delightfully thick and cloudy. GREAT lacing on the glass! You can tell that DSI not only looks a bit different from other "bitters", but you can also SMELL that this will be a different type of brew! I detect a sweeter smell than most of my hoppy favorites- and that sweet smell translates into a sweet taste too! Yes- most hoppy beers have that wonderfully characteristic "bitter" taste, but the Simcoe hop adds a uniquely sweet/ citrus taste to that traditional bitter taste that we hopheads love!

The mouthfeel is incredible! DSI is very full-bodied and effervescent. This is one of those brews that I love to drink by itself because it tastes so darn good by itself! But don't be afraid to pair DSI up with the heartiest of foods- since it is a hearty beer! It's 9% ABV; enjoy responsibly! (Because if you're like me- you'll definitely want more than just one DSI!)


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