March 06, 2011

Christmas Ale from Great Lakes Brewing Company

By Don

Beatles. Beer. Barbeque.  The makings of a great weekend!

Rick found out about a North Coast Beatles-Fest in Cleveland and asked if I wanted to go.  So, we headed out to the North Coast to hear some tunes from the Fab Four!

When we got to the event and bellied up to the bar, we heard our choices..."MGD, Miller Lite, Bud & Bud Lite."  Then, we found out there was a restaurant in the building with Sam Adams Boston Lager.  Whew!

After we left, we headed to my in-laws house to spend the night.  Rick said, "I could go for another beer."  I know that my in-laws had some Great Lakes Christmas Ale when we were there for Christmas.  Knowing that they don't drink beer, I was hoping that there might still be some left.

We were not disappointed!  There were a few left!

Christmas Ale pours to a golden amber color with minimal head.  It has a subtle spice aroma.  You can catch some hints of cinnamon and ginger.

When we took our first tastes, Rick said, "Wow! It's Christmas in a bottle!"

The mouthfeel gives you a good "tingle."  It's effervescent.

This is what we'd refer to as a "dessert beer."  It would be great to have with cookies, a fruitcake or even a doughnut - as we did on this night.

Christmas Ale (of course) is a Seasonal Brew.  It's only available in November and December.  It's 7.5% ABV.  You can find out more on their website.

The next day, we packed up the car to head back to Central PA.  While we were at the Beatles Fest, we met a couple from New Jersey.  When we told them where we were from, they asked if we'd ever been to Gio's Barbeque which is right off I-80 in Woodland, PA.

So, we made a stop on the way home and had some good finger-lickin' BBQ!

What a weekend!  Buddies, Beatles, Beer & Barbeque!!!


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