March 10, 2013

Blowing Rock IPA by Boone Brewing

By Rick

Back in November, Don and I mixed business with pleasure by putting up Christmas lights at his parents’ house- interspersed with some beer samplings.  Don finally got ALL the lights to work so we decided to celebrate with one our mutual beer favorites- an IPA.

Although Blowing Rock IPA is a product of the Boone Brewing Company in Boone, NC- I read on the label that this particular bottle was produced in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  This is an example of “contract brewing”: outsourcing some of their products for brewing and/or packaging.  It’s a cost-effective method for some breweries so they can meet the product demands of their customers.

Blowing Rock IPA pours copper-brown with a frothy head.  (Nice lacing after my quaffs!)  It has a nice hoppy aroma, but not overly fruity.  I enjoyed its classic bitter taste- along with its bubbly effervescence- and its clean finish.  Pair this IPA with your burgers and dogs- or enjoy by itself!  But drink responsibly: it’s 6.2% ABV!

It was a good day: the Christmas lights were up-  and the beer went down!  Life is good!


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