January 23, 2011

Duquesne Pilsener from Duquesne Brewing Company

By Rick

Steeler Nation- sing with me: "We're from the town with the great football team... we cheer you, Pittsburgh Steelers..."

We Pittsburghers are very loyal- even to the lowly Pirates! We love our Klondikes, chipped ham & Heinz Ketchup. (We ain't ashamed to speak Pittsburghese with younz guyz either.) And of course- we LOVE our Stillerz- win or lose! (Mostly when we win!)

We also love other regional products too, including our beers. Although the Pittsburgh area maybe known best for other beers, it also used to be known for Duquesne Beer: "The Prince Of Pilseners". (Note the "old school" spelling- denoting its heritage to Pilsen, Bohemia- now in the Czech Republic.)

Duquesne Beer USED to be brewed in the city limits of Pittsburgh, but it fell prey to the mega-brewery buy-outs of the 1970s- 1980s. A few decades later- another regional brewery- Latrobe Brewing Company (Rolling Rock Beer) was bought out. Ironically- that facility is now brewing the "new" Duquesne Pilsener! ("Beer is proof that God loves us."- Ben Franklin)

As you may know from my previous reviews: I'm a "hop head", so sampling pilsener beer admittedly takes me out of my "comfort zone". But this is just the type of beer that some beer drinkers (esp. younz Pittsburghers) might just LOVE: light & crisp- just like some other popular Steel City brews!

It pours a clear yellow-gold with a light citrus aroma. Its taste, mouthfeel & drinkability- as mentioned before- is light & crisp. There's not much of a finish/ after-taste. That makes it a great beer to serve with ANY foods! (I wasn't able to find its official ABV, but I'm sure it falls in the range of most pilseners: between 4.5- 6.0.)

Pittsburghers will probably purchase this beer because of its nostalgia. (Ahhh, Pittsburghers... remember the Duquesne "world's biggest clockface"- almost twice the size of Big Ben?!) I also love Duquesne's "old school" bottle labeling! It's worthy of display!)

FWIW: I brought a case to my extended family's Christmas Party and it was a hit- even with my "21+ something" nieces &nephews!! (It's reasonably priced too, which should help in its marketing success- especially in the Pittsburgh area!)

"Have a Duke"! Cheers!

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