January 12, 2011

Samuel Adams Honey Porter from Boston Brewing Company

By Don (with Rick & Bud)

It was New Year's Day.  Penn State was playing Florida in the Outback Bowl.  Rick, Bud and I were watching the game and were settled in to have another tasting.

First up was a Sam Adams Honey Porter.  Let me start by saying that none of the three of us are big fans of what I call "thick beers" -- Porters & Stouts.

Honey Porter is part of Sam Adams "Brewmasters Collection."  It pours to a dark chocolate brown with a nice head the dissipated quickly.

It has a sweet aroma and has almost a "tingly" feeling on the tongue.  Bud said it was "tingalicious."  This is an easy drinking Porter.  Rick pointed out that some Porters can be "muddy," but Honey Porter feels like a "young" Porter. The honey seems to help keep it crisp.

Since we were watching football, we needed a football analogy.  Honey Porter is like a fake punt, a reverse, a gadget play -- something totally unexpected.

Honey Porter clocks in at 5.5% ABV and is available year round.  You can find out more about it on the Sam Adams website.


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