March 19, 2011

Murphy's Irish Stout from Murphy Brewing Ireland

By Don with guest taster Lori (my wife) :-)

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we had to do something Irish.  My wife Lori is more of a fan of the stouts and porters so I went out to the beer fridge on St. Patty's Day and brought in a Murphy's Irish Stout.

Murphy's has been brewing its dry stout in County Cork, Ireland using the original recipe since 1856.  As with many beers with a history like this, it was basically a local beer until it was taken over by Heineken and went worldwide.

It pours to a creamy, chocolate brown with a smooth, creamy head.  Lori said that it didn't feel "thick" like some stouts.  It's more of a medium bodied beer.  The aroma has strong hints of roasted malts.

She says it's very smooth and easy to drink.  Her quote was that it "makes you want to take your time."

We poured this Murphy's Irish Stout out of a can.  The can includes a nitrogen widget to carbonate.  It's just 4% ABV.


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