February 22, 2011

Extra Special Ale (ESA) from Yards Brewing Company

By Rick

"The best of both worlds." We've all heard that cliché before: Sweet & Sour. Yin and Yang, etc.... It's nice to be able to combine business and pleasure too.

Don & I had a "Work & Play Day" recently. After spending a Saturday morning moving some furniture at his parents' place- we had a delicious home-cooked meal. (Thanks, Nancy & Don!) before "play time". And play we did!

Guitars, that is. You see: Don & I are both members of an oldies band called Your Dad's Friends. (www.yourdadsfriends.com) But I digress...

Don & I played through a bunch of our oldies/ set lists on our acoustic guitars for a couple of hours- and (of course) Don & I also used the opportunity to sample some beers! (talk about the best of both worlds: music & beer! My favorite sampling of the afternoon was an "Extra Special Ale" (ESA) by Yards Brewing Company in Philadelphia, PA. Check out their easy & fun-to-read website.

It was my favorite because it was "the best of both worlds"- at least the best of MY favorite "beer worlds": the "worlds" of lagers and ales. I love both the heartiness of lagers and the crispness of ales. To my taste: ESA had both qualities!

It pours a beautiful amber brown with a proper head. I could smell the hops as I hoisted the brew to my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised that its taste was more of a lager- full and hearty. A nice, satisfying mouthfeel! However- its finish quickly ascertained that ESA is an ale: nice and crisp!

Because of its "best of both worlds" qualities- I can envision myself drinking this beer quite often! (But I'll be responsible: it's a 6% ABV.) I'm sure it will pair quite nicely with a variety of foods- or stand alone as well.

It was a great Saturday: work & play, friends & family, music & beer... I guess it was the best of MANY worlds!


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