August 23, 2011

Berry Weiss from Leinenkugel's Brewing

By Rick

It's been a good, hot summer in Central PA, so I set out to sample some "back-yard beers"- the kind you can enjoy while cutting grass, swimming, grilling out, etc.

Leinenkugel markets a variety case of cans that includes my favorite summer beer (Leinie's Sunset Wheat) amongst its selections- so I was willing to "give up the bottle"- for a while.  Although I normally don't buy my beer in cans, I thought this packaging might be better for summer picnics & around the pool.  (I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of that "metal taste" in all of my samplings!)

I shared a sampling of the Berry Weiss with my buddy Don.  It pours a nice orange-amber in a glass, with a tiny foamy head.  You sure can smell the fruity sweetness with the pour!  The light, effervescent liquid tickled my mouth!  ("Wow!  Would this taste good after a swim!" I thought...)  If served with food- I would pair this 4.7% ABV w/ my appetizers or dessert.

Don't get me wrong: this is NOT the "typical" beer that most guys would drink on a regular basis.  But with the popularity of wine coolers and alcoholic lemonades/ ice teas during the summer season, this Leinie might become one of your favorite (or your significant other's favorite) summertime "backyard beers"!


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