February 10, 2010

Winter Hook Winter Ale from Red Hook Brewery

By Rick

Ahhh.... now to reward myself after shoveling out from the second snow storm of the week.  Hmm... what shall I have?! 

The Mrs. is making grilled cheese sammiches & 'mato soup, so I don't want anything that's gonna battle that great taste combination.  But I do want something that will reward my taste buds in the adult beverage department too.  What to have?! The answer: Redhook Winter Hook.

I'm sure you've heard of Red Hook Brewery before.  They've been around since 1981.  (See their website www.redhook.com ) They caught my attention with their ESB- but I digress.  It was only natural for them to brew a winter seasonal ale.

Winter Hook is a nice blend of hops and malts with a 5.9% ABV.  It pours out in a nice copper color and just a little bit of a head.  If you like ales- you should really like Winter Hook!  I love "the bitters", so this brew really hit the spot after my snow shoveling!  In fact- I liked it so much- I drank it all before I remembered to take a picture of it in my glass!

Good thing the Mrs. made me another grilled cheese sammich; I was hungry too!


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