August 21, 2011

Marzen from The Pennsylvania Brewing Company

By Don

Yes, ANOTHER Pennsylvania Brewer!

Rick and I, along with our wives, were headed out for a night on the town in State College to check out the annual performance of The Cast of Beatlemania on the lawn of Old Main on the Penn State University campus.

Before the show, we thought we'd also get in another tradition for the four of us ... dinner at Herwig's Austrian Bistro.  Rick had his Playmate cooler with him and after we sat down, he opened it up to reveal some offerings from Penn Brewing.

The Pennsylvania Brewing Company was a pioneer in the microbrewery movement.  They began making German-inspired beers in 1848 in the Deutschtown section of Pittsburgh's North Side.

My favorite of the offerings was Marzen.  Marzen is a spring fest brew.  To be exact, it's a Munchener fest bier.  It's an amber ale.  If you've been reading this blog, you know that I am partial to the Amber brews.

Marzen pours with a minimal head and it dissipates quickly.  It has a beautiful amber/copper color.  You get a hint of caramel sweetness.

As you drink, it has a nice, crisp, almost effervescent feeling in your mouth.  It's a bit "bubbly" too.

This beer would be a good compliment to your meal and this German offering was a great compliment to our Austrian meal!

Lori really enjoyed it as well.  It's an easy drink.  Great stuff from Penn Brewing where their slogan is ... "America's Award-Winning Brewery of Authentic German Beers."


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