August 08, 2010

HopBack Amber Ale from Troegs Brewing Company

By Don

We've done other Troegs brews on this site and have talked alot about their variety and great sampler packs.

One that I recently discovered from Troegs is their HopBack Amber Ale.  This one is quickly becoming one of my favorite beers!

Great pour with a nice, big frothy head.  Nice floral aroma, beautiful amber color.

HopBack gets its' name from a vessel in the brewhouse called a 'hopback.'  This is Troegs flaghip brew.

It's 6% ABV and 55 IBU's (so this one is bitter, but not overwhelming).  HopBack Amber Ale has a great taste and gives you a nice kick.  It's a beer that you can feel going down your throat.

The Troegs website suggests big, robust flaovrs to pair with this beer like red meats and strong cheeses.

I would call this one an "Everyday Beer" -- especially if you like the bitters.


CATEGORY: Everyday Beer

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