November 07, 2011

Oktoberfest from Lancaster Brewing Company

By Don

Finally, the last brew in my recent Oktoberfest "Mix Pack" was Lancaster Brewing Company's take on Oktoberfest.

According to their website, by the year 1810 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania was brewing 7% of all the beer brewed in the United States.

Lancaster Brewing Company purchased Lancaster Malt Brewing in 2001 bringing back the tradition of Lancaster-brewed beer.  Lancaster Brewing operates under Reinheitsgebot, which is a historic German law mandating that only malt, hops, yeast, and water be used for the preparation of beer.

Oktoberfest pours to a beautiful caramel color.  Its' frothy head dissipated quickly leaving a thin layer of foam on top.

Take a whiff and get some caramel or toffee hints.  Oktoberfest is brewed with seven different malts and three different hop varieties.  

Although Oktoberfest is only 28 IBU's, it has a nice hop kick.  It's nicely carbonated and I found it to be an easy drink.

It's only available from September to November.  If you can still find some, enjoy!


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