September 03, 2012

Dale's Pale Ale by Oskar Blues Brewery

By Rick

My buddy Don was able to get 4 tickets to the Penn State- Ohio University football game.  (BTW: Both Don and his wife Lori are Ohio University Alumni!  Congrats to the Bobcats on their big win!)  Don, Lori, my wife & I enjoyed the game, but we enjoyed another great PSU tradition too: tailgating!  We also stopped by the Bobcat Bash/ Alumni Tent for a delicious brunch!  Kudos for their fine hospitality!

PSU asks that no glass bottles be used while tailgating, so I found a few cans in my beer fridge to bring along.  One of them was “Dale’s Pale Ale” by the Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado.  Check out their interesting website @

It’s been said that “Dale’s Pale Ale is the best pale ale (and perhaps the best beer) you can buy in a can.”  IMHO- it would be hard to argue with that statement!  I’m sure we could debate the can vs. the bottle packaging, but cans- at least these cans- don’t have any of that metallic taste that might turn off beer snobs like me!

Dale’s Pale Ale pours out a classic golden pale ale color with a white frothy head.  LOTS of that classic sweet, hoppy aroma accompanies the pour too!  That classic hoppy taste continues into the mouth and ends with that classic dry, crisp finish!  Dale’s Pale Ale is so hoppy that some purists might “mistake” this brew as an IPA!  (Personally- I like those kinds of “mistakes”!)

This beer will pair up well with any food, but it’s tasty enough to enjoy by itself!  Drink responsibly: it’s 6.5% ABV!  The next time you find yourself in need of a great beer for that tailgate party- or for any occasion- try Dale’s Pale Ale!


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