March 18, 2010

Yuengling Lager from D.G. Yuengling & Son

By Rick

I know the old saying: you're not supposed to discuss religion or politics.  But I must admit: President Obama created an "economic stimulus package" for the Yuengling Brewing Company/ Pottsville , PA   (When the U.S. Hockey Team was going up against Canada for a 2010 Olympic Gold Medal,  President Obama bet a case of Yuengling beer against Canada's "Brand X".  Yuengling was selected because it's America's oldest brewery- commencing production w-a-y back in 1829.)

Not that Yuengling needed any advertisement assistance- at least in the area of PA where I reside.  It's probably the most popular American lager around- and for good reason: it's a quality brew at a very reasonable price.

Being produced in Pottsville, PA certainly helps w/ its availability.  (Yuengling Lager has become so popular on the East Coast that the company has even opened up another brewing facility in Tampa, Florida!) Even though Yuengling Brewing has been around for over 180 years, Yuengling lager only recently established itself as their "flagship product"- being "reintroduced" in 1987.

But I believe it's so popular because it's such a well-balanced beer.  It pours out in that classic amber color... nice foamy head.... just enough malt to give it heart, but also just enough hops to give that crisp finish.  GREAT mouthfeel.  (I've detected different degrees of effervescence in the canned, bottled and on-tap versions, but I love 'em all!)  Yes- I drink Yuengling in cans!  FWIW: It's my favorite "paintin' beer"; you sure don't want to drop one of those dark green glass bottles when you're on a ladder!  ;)

Yuengling lager is my favorite "go- to beer" when I'm having pizza, burgers, dogs, chips, pretzels, etc.  It's light enough to drink during the summer at the ballpark or at your backyard barbeques, yet hearty enough to have during your winter holiday parties- or just gathering together to watch that big game on the weekend.  (And at just 4.4% ABV- you can enjoy and still be a responsible driver!)

You should find Yuengling Lager reasonably priced too.  Maybe that's the best economic stimulus:  go out & buy some/ try some! 


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