April 16, 2011

Samuel Adams Scotch Ale from Boston Brewing Company

By Rick

My buddy Joe recently bought a Samuel Adams Variety Pack. This is a great way to sample different brews at a reasonable price. I encourage all of our readers to try as many variety packs/ samplers as you can. Increase your "knowledge inventory" of different beers! Invite your buddies in on your samplings and compare your impressions!

One of the "surprises" in this Variety Pack was their Scotch Ale. Being a "self-proclaimed hop-head"- I was ready to reject this brew from my first sip. In the past- Scotch ales have tasted "muddy"/ too malty for my personal taste. But Samuel Adams' version was different!

Their website (www.samueladams.com) explains that "to create our own interpretation of a Scotch ale, the brewers use a peat smoked malt only found in Scotland that is a signature ingredient to their scotch whiskies." BINGO! (I do like that smoky flavor in Scotch!) And that smoky flavor made their Scotch Ale a winner- at least in my book!

It pours a reddish amber with a proper head. I could smell the smoky, malty aroma as I raised the glass. The smooth, balanced- yet hearty taste made each quaff quite enjoyable! This 5.5% ABV brew would pair well with hearty food- or enjoy its distinct taste by itself!

This particular sampling reminded me just how important it is for us beer fans NOT to "pre-judge" our beers! I need to try some "blind' taste tests soon! Anyone care to grab a Variety Pack and join me in adding to their "knowledge inventory"?!


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