April 12, 2011

Samuel Adams Revolutionary Rye from Boston Brewing Company

By Rick

March Madness! And I was starting to go stir-crazy!

My Achilles tendon surgery/ recovery was keeping me homebound on the weekdays, so I readily accepted my buddy Joe's invitation to watch some of the NCAA basketball games during the weekend with him and our sons.

Not only did Joe serve up some delicious food for me but he also had some Samuel Adams brews on hand to sample! What a guy!

My favorite of the samplings was "Revolutionary Rye Ale". According to the Samuel Adams website, I'm in good company: it was voted #1 in their "2010 Beer Lovers Choice Award".

This brew pours out with a slightly reddish hue and a proper head. What caught my attention was the hint of spice in its aroma. Nice!

That spice continues into the taste! A nice hearty mouthfeel and a balanced finish! Don't be afraid to pair this brew (5.5% ABV) up with hearty foods- or enjoy on its own!

Beer and basketball- a pretty nice pairing too!


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  1. Rick,

    I discovered this one on tap at a bar near my office. I too enjoyed it. What really surprised my was how much different this beer tasted on tap than from the bottle. I normally don't have a strong enough pallet or memory to differentiate from draft to bottle, but this was a marked difference. I really enjoyed it from the tap but the bottle I had I was not a fan of. My only guess is that they came from different batches/locations thereby creating a different beer.