April 23, 2011

Golden Monkey from Victory Brewing

By Don

I had just finished doing some yard work. I came in and got cleaned up for dinner. Lori said, "I could go for a beer." I knew she was talking about a Bell's Oberon Ale. I had just picked up a six of it for her.

I went to the beer fridge to get the Oberon and remembered that I had a Golden Monkey in there!

What's a Golden Monkey, you say?

Golden Monkey is a golden, Belgian-style ale brewed from the folks at Victory Brewing of Downingtown, PA.

This is a Belgian-style Tripel Ale brewed with spices.

It pours to a golden yellow with a nice bubbly, frothy head that dissipated quickly. It has a strong aroma of spices.

At first taste, you get a "spicy hop kick" followed by sweet aftertaste at the back of the throat. It has a zesty, dare I say, tingly, mouthfeel.

This is a sipping beer. It clocks in at 9.5% ABV.

If you like strong, hoppy, spicy brews, try a Golden Monkey on for size!


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