July 07, 2012

Arrogant Bastard Ale from Stone Brewery

By Rick

Have you ever been in a “beer rut”?!  A period of time when you just keep drinking the same beer(s)?!  I have.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s not a “bad” thing.  I’ve heard it said that “the best beer to drink is the beer you like”- and I admit that I have a few “go-to” beers that I really enjoy drinking.  (Unfortunately- it’s NOT a good philosophy to follow if you’re trying to be a contributor to a beer review website!)

One of my oldies band buddies, Roger, wanted to celebrate the recent birth of a grandson, so he “sprung” for a case of ARROGANT BASTARD.  (You know how proud grandfathers can be!)  Wow! Did he pick a great beer to help me break out of my “beer rut”!

Stone Brewery (CA) markets this uniquely-named brew.   Check out their website:  www.stonebrew.com   And market it they do!

You can’t help but notice the beer’s name.  (Let’s face it: we’ve all been called “beer snobs”, so why not drink a brew called ARROGANT BASTARD?!)  Check out the artistic label and the prophetic words on the impressive 22 ounce bottle.  (I had a flashback to when I would read my cereal box during breakfast- or admire the artwork on my old vinyl albums when listening to them- but I digress…)

ARROGANT BASTARD pours out in a rich reddish-brown hue.  The head is impressive: very full yet frothy.  It’s long-lasting and clings nicely to the glass.  It left a nice lacing as I slowly drank this special brew.

You can smell the “fullness” of this beer during its pour.  A hearty mix of fruit and spices certainly caught my attention!  That hearty mix continued into my tasting.  Wow!  ARROGANT BASTARD is a big, bold brew!  I appreciated that the mouthfeel was very balanced; that hearty flavor was nicely balanced with its effervescence.

Its 7.2 ABV proves it’s not a session beer!  I wouldn’t be afraid to pair it up with the heartiest of foods!  (I’m thinking this would be GREAT with grilled foods: steaks, chops, veggies, fruits, etc.)  With a name like ARROGANT BASTARD, you better be ready to stand up against anything!

Thanks to my band buddy, Rog, and Stone Brewing- I am officially out of my “beer rut”! 

I’ll continue to be proud to be called a “beer snob”- and maybe even an ARROGANT BASTARD!


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