February 26, 2010

Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic from Boston Brewing Company

By Don

Jim Koch and the Boston Brewing Company could be considered the "one that started it all" with the Craft Brewing revolution.  If you're a casual consumer of craft brews, you can't really go wrong with Sam Adams.

One thing that they do well is the variety pack.  My neighbor Bud brought over a nice winter variety pack that included Cranberry Lambic as one of the varieties.  Since I do enjoy the "dessert brews" from time to time, I picked this one out of the 12 pack right away.

So, you know how it's not really "Champagne" if it's not French, it's just "Sparkling Wine?"  Well, that's sort of the case with this one.  It's not really a lambic since lambics are named for the region in Belgium where they were developed, but the Samuel Adams website says that it is brewed in the same tradition.  Then, they add "one of New England's favorite native fruits" ... the cranberry.

I would consider this one an "easy drink."  It gives you a nice sweet initial taste and then gives you a little bit of aftertaste when the cranberries kick in.  It is certainly not overwhelming and could be considered a bit "thin" tasting.  This is another one that I could see having one every once in awhile.

Since it's recommended to use a flute glass for a lambic, I thought I'd give that a try.  Cranberry Lambic pours with a cloudy, reddish golden appearance topped with a creamy, frothy head.  There's some nice lacing on the glass as well.  At only 5.8% ABV, this one is a mild mannered after dinner drink.

If you don't typically like "fruited" brews, I probably wouldn't start with this one -- maybe try a true Lambic to begin.  But, as I said earlier, it's hard to go wrong with Sam Adams.


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